91.100 Bouwmaterialen

Commissie: Technische Grondslagen voor Bouwconstructies (35100101)
Einddatum: dinsdag 1 nov 2022
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(1) This document is applicable to the design and verification of buildings and other structures in seismic regions. It gives general rules relevant to all types of structures, with the exception of special structures.

NOTE   Special structures belong to consequence class CC4, which is not fully covered by the Eurocodes. The categories of structures of consequence class CC4 where EN 1998, or parts of it, apply in a country can be provided by the relevant Authorities or can be found in the National Annex.

(2) This document provides basic performance requirements and compliance criteria applicable to buildings and civil engineering works in seismic regions.

(3) This document gives rules for the representation of seismic actions and the description of the design seismic situations. Certain types of structures, dealt with in other parts of EN 1998, need supplementary rules which are given in those relevant Parts.

(4) This document contains general methods for structural analysis and verification under seismic actions, including base-isolated structures and structures with distributed dissipative systems.

(5) This document 1 contains rules for modelling and verification of ultimate strengths and deformations.